Top 5 Credit Card Companies in India

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Top 5 Credit Card Companies in India

These are the top five credit card companies in India. Besides these companies, there are several others that offer credit cards. With the growing popularity of online payment systems, there is a growing need for credit cards in India. These companies offer different kinds of credit cards for different types of users. These companies also have different types of rewards programs.

Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda credit cards offer a variety of features and benefits. A 2% foreign mark-up fee is waived, as well as 1% of the cost of fuel when using the credit card abroad. A one-crore personal accident insurance policy is available at no additional cost. Moreover, Bank of Baroda offers 24 hours customer service to help you with any credit card-related issues.

Before applying for a credit card, ensure that you meet the income requirements set by the bank. The income demonstrates to the bank that you have the ability to pay the monthly balance. The age of the applicant is also a factor. As a result, banks expect applicants to pay their bills on time.

Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered offers a wide variety of credit cards and personal loans for consumers in India. Its credit cards provide a host of benefits for consumers, including a rewards program, cash back and travel opportunities. Interested consumers can apply for a Standard Chartered credit card online or in person by visiting any branch. The application process takes about 9 days.

Standard Chartered has been in business in India since 1858. It currently operates in 42 cities across the country. It offers a variety of credit cards, including business and consumer credit cards. Each card offers exclusive features such as discounts on travel, shopping, and lifestyle activities. In addition, cardholders can receive cashback and reward points for purchases.


There are many credit cards offered by HSBC. Their Platinum Card is free for life and a great alternative to other credit cards. Unlike most credit cards, you can make unlimited purchases on your Platinum Card. While HSBC credit cards are not as popular as some of the other credit card options, there are a few advantages that you should know about before you make a final decision.

HSBC Bank is one of the most reliable banking organisations in the world and offers a wide range of financial products and services. Its credit cards are backed by many benefits, including gift vouchers and discounts. Most of its credit cards in India do not require an annual fee or joining fee. You can even apply for more than one card with HSBC.


IDFC FIRST Bank has recently entered the credit card business in India with the introduction of its first credit cards. Customers will be able to choose between four different cards, with interest rates depending on age, income, and lifestyle. The cards are also eligible for free cash withdrawals and reward points that will never expire. The bank plans to offer the cards to its existing customers first, and will begin accepting applications in April.

The IDFC FIRST Bank credit card comes with many perks, including a free lifetime personal accident cover worth Rs.2 lakh, a discount of up to 25% on movie tickets, four complimentary lounge or spa visits, two golf rounds per month, and more. In addition, there’s no annual fee or foreign markup fee, and the interest rate on the card is low. It also offers interest-free cash withdrawals for 48 days.


HDFC Bank is one of the leading credit card issuers in India, with more than 16 million active cards and 71 million customers. The bank’s plan is to add five lakh new credit cards a month, starting February 2022, to cement its lead in the credit card industry.

The bank offers various types of credit cards to its customers. It is the third largest foreign issuer in the country, with over 13 lakh credit cards in circulation. However, the company has stopped issuing its Emirates co-branded card. However, there are still plenty of other credit card options that are available from HDFC Bank.

RBL Bank is a smaller private sector bank with headquarters in Mumbai. Its credit cards are widely available, with more than 39 lakh accounts active as of June 2022. The bank recently launched the Edition credit card, which is one of the best dining credit cards in the Indian credit card market. Additionally, RBL Bank’s World Safari credit card is the only one in India with a zero foreign currency markup fee.

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