Malaysia security guard eats rice with just onions and garlic for lunch. Heartbreaking viral pic

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In a picture that has gone viral on social media, a security guard was seen eating a meagre lunch comprising rice with just onions and garlic.

Apicture of a security guard eating a meagre lunch comprising rice with just onions and garlic is doing the rounds of the internet and has left social media users heartbroken. The picture of the security guard from Malaysia was posted on Facebook by his friend Apit Lid.

In the picture, the guard, on duty, was seen eating his lunch with a lot of love. Another picture posted by Apit Lid showed his tiffin box, which consisted of steamed rice, onions and some cloves of garlic.

Apit Lid, in the caption of his post, said that his friend is a hardworking man. He sends most of his salary home for his family, and keeps some money for himself with which, this lunch is all that he can afford. Apit also treats his friend at times, he said.

Apit Lid’s post has gone viral on social media with around 6,000 shares while netizens posted emotional comments. Several users wished the best for him and applauded the security guard for his humble attitude.

Most of the comments were in Malay and have been translated to English for this article.

“May your sustenance be abundant,” a user said. Some users were also concerned about his health and said, “Health must be taken care of as well.”

“Please help him,” another user added. “May this be a lesson for us.” Another comment reads, “May he continue to be strong.”

Several others were inspired by the story of the security guard.